Friday, June 13, 2008

Thing 6

To be honest, the explanation of the mashup was a bit too technical for me, but I love fd's Flickr toys. I can see using the mosaic in the library for covers for book lists. Jigsaws might be fun for the younger set; I can see using the posters, magazine covers, trading cards, the captioner, and more for library promotion and information. I would have loved the Warholizer when we made our own for our "groovy library" decorations; my aide did our principal and asst. principal all by herself. This would have made it lots easier! I even made my own trading card!

Thing 5

Now I finally understand what Flickr is (at least partly) and why people like to use it. This would be great for teachers in all kinds of subjects. I have downloaded some pics to use in the library and some for my own pleasure. This picture of Milford Sound in New Zealand by Jenny Huang is a place I want to see with my own eyes.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Thing 4

I have officially registered and I'm waiting for the official welcome email. I feel that I've accomplished a lot in one afternoon. I am glad to play with some really useful technology for "staff development" rather than try to fit into workshops that aren't really meant for my role as a school librarian. I'm already seeing some possibilities for the next school year. Hopefully this blogging will become second nature so that I am sure to "make time" for it.

Thing 3

Well, I have a blog and an avatar (who is much skinnier than I am)! The directions were easy to follow and it was fun finding clothes for my avatar. I have been looking at other blogs on the site, old ones and new ones, and I am so impressed. I feel a little left behind since I am just getting started. It is already like playing.

Thing 2

I guess the easiest thing for me is to take responsibility for my learning--I am always reading, watching, lurking on a listserv, listening to others--so that I can find out more, especially about things I am interested in. I know that no one else decides what I will learn and I want to learn about these new technologies.

The hardest one of the 7 1/2 habits is teaching others. This sounds funny from a school librarian: I will teach or show anyone if they ask, but sometimes I let time get away from me in setting up opportunities to teach others.

Thing 1

I am glad to have some step by step help (and prodding) to venture into this new technology. Hopefully I can pass the knowledge on as I learn more. I'll have to get busy before my history trip next week.